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Younger and older sex for Thanksgiving Erotica

One of my most popular niches is the older man younger woman niche. I like exploring the opposite of it too, younger man and older woman using Billy Hill as my hero.

In 2016 I wrote “Mature Seduction” where Alison and family friend Frank hook up in the garage on a reupholstered couch and Billy hooks up with Frank’s wife, Sarah, in the basement. It was a fun older person younger person romp and led to some of my best sales at the time. Since then I wrote a bunch of older man younger girl stories as they were of interest to readers. It seemed the best financial thing to do. I didn’t think I’d be writing it as a majority of my books.

Thanksgiving erotica is interesting because you have the assumption of family, but you can’t be fucking your cousins. That is wrong and won’t pass adult filters or acceptable topics at the most popular retailers. So for the erotic author that wants to capitalize on a family heavy holiday, it requires some interesting mental gymnastics to shove your heroes into situations that they encounter strangers or non-relatives.

Last Thanksgiving special I shoved Billy and Alison into the arms of a visiting couples seduction. This year I’m sending the parents Will and Jessica away on a trip and forcing Alison and Billy to have a friendsgiving. They’ll meet some strangers that are much older than they are and get shown the ropes of a more mature hand.

Alison feels the expert touch of Nate, a sexy older man that shows up because he’s just broken up with his long-term crazy girlfriend.  She’ll melt under his warm chin, his rigid muscles, and the attentive way he listens to her talk about crytocurrencies.

Billy meets a heartbroken older woman at a diner where he stops off to have some pie but learns she wants to offer him a flavor he can’t resist.

I enjoy writing Alison and Billy. I’m familiar with their characters and am intimate with how they’ll react to different stimuli.

Thanksgiving erotica is fun. You can merge the idea of stuffing a turkey with stuffing a pussy full of dick. You can merge the idea of overeating with being an aggressive blowjob queen.

Ania in this latest story I’m writing loves getting it up the butt, but most of all likes swallowing cum. She is a dick sucking addict that was stymied from her old boyfriend’s obsession with her ass.

Billy is enraptured by her enthusiasm and takes double pleasure cramming his meat in her behind then having her clean him off with a bit of after climax tongue action.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to write in Will and Jessica’s story. Maybe they won’t be in this edition. Hmmm.

What do you like about Thanksgiving Erotica?

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